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Nicholson produced this trailer for the Sundance smash - THE GOOD LIFE starring ZOEY DESCHANEL, BILL PAXTON, HARRY DEAN STANTON and CHRIS KLEIN.  Zoey steals the show. 


SYNERGY PICTURES is the love child of writer/director, Jeffrey Nicholson, along with a hand picked team of producers, directors and writers Nicholson has teamed with over the past decade.  


"I've always loved the collaboration you find in film and theater and when I read the definition of SYNERGY - the sum of its parts are greater than the whole - I knew that was it for me."  


Nicholson's evolution into film was a natural one.  His father was a commercial photographer, filmmaker and also directed theater.  "I grew up around cameras and actors and never considered doing anything else." An article in ON LOCATION magazine on Nicholson caught the eye of MTV and he quickly began working with some of the biggest names in music and sent him on the path to LA.  Once there he launched the Nicholson Creative Group and expanded his corporate clientele to include Toyota, Disney, and Skechers. 

Coming full circle, Nicholson is headed back to how it all started - telling stories.


"I was the chubby boy scout telling ghost stories around the campfire - and now I'm the chubby grown up writing and filming them." Nicholson's focus has moved into writing, directing, and producing independent feature films with a 'business first' mind-set.   



March 10, 2021 -  Nicholson options urban comedy, HOLLYWOOD MOTORS
January 4, 2020 - Nicholson wraps score/CGI on sci-fi comedy feature FRACKERS!!
December 8, 2020 - ENTOURAGE producer, WAYNE CARMONA attaches to produce sci-fi series, DRIFTERS.
November 18, 2020 - Bobby Bragg Media options THE KILLING FLOOR to shop to Sony Television.
October 1, 2019 - Nicholson begins action film EXTERMINATOR.
August 17, 2019 - Nicholson feature EL COYOTE released theatrically.